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Styled by AMB Home Staging
Styled by AMB Home Staging
Styled by AMB Home Staging


What is Property Styling (Home Staging)?

Property Styling is accepted as a very powerful marketing tool which is broadly utilised by Property Developers, Investors, Real Estate Agents, and Homeowners.

The main goal is to make a home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, thereby having a selling advantage over the other listed properties and at the same time selling a property more quickly.


Staging techniques focus on improving a property's appearance by transforming it into an attractive and welcoming home which anyone might desire.


How Does Property Styling with AMB Home Staging work? 
We know that one of the most important factors involved in a successful sale is the appearance and presentation of your property. 


Our experienced Stylists are dedicated to achieving the best result by creating a "Buy Me" impression on the prospective buyers and therefore have your property sold in no time.


It is important that the prospective buyers feel like they are at Home when they go through your property, therefore we will tailor an individualised package based on your properties features as ultimately that is what the buyer will walk away with.


Why Should I Engage AMB Home Staging? 

We stand by our reputation for styling properties with high quality furniture, accessories and props, to maximising your property’s potential.   


Our highly experienced staff aim to maximise the sale of your property and make the sale process more enjoyable.


We pride ourselves on providing quality service, high standard finishes, and high customer satisfaction.


We also aim to make your sale process more enjoyable and rewarding. We do this by taking the hassle out of the picture and preparing a presentation package especially for your property.

Which areas do you service? 

We are based in South East Melbourne and get booked out very quickly, therefore we focus on furnishing properties within 45-minute radius.


How long before I put my property on the market should I contact AMB Home Staging?

We would recommend you contact us at least 1-2 weeks prior to quoting and installation time. 

How does AMB Home Staging choose furniture for a property? 
We own all our furniture, accessories and props which gives us the ability to have control over our stock. The selection is made based on availability from our large collection.

Can I select specific pieces for my property? 
Due to the large turn around in properties we style, we do not pre-book any furniture until formal booking is in place. All our stylists are experienced, and we request that trust is placed in our stylist, their knowledge of the market, and current trends. If you have specific requests, please let us know and we will see if and how we can accommodate.  

How long is the hire campaign? 
The initial hire period is 6 weeks and allows for 1 week for photography and campaign launch.  Should you require the furniture to remain at the property for an extended period, flexible extension packages


How much does it cost to furnish a property?

The price depends on property size and amount of living spaces. Prices vary and depends on properties requirements.  


What are the payment terms? 
Full payment is required a minimum of 3 working days prior to the installation.

Are you insured? 
We have insurance for our furniture during the length of the hire period. Refer to the insurance clause under our quote ‘s terms and conditions.


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